The Blogs

I've been regularly blogging now since 2004, having compiled over a thousand posts between the two blogs. The first one, The Dwarven One (my nickname from my old gaming group in Tamworth), is mostly about what makes me tick. When I first started it, I added my gaming exploits as well, but when they started dominating the bulk of my posts and non-gamers reading it complained, I decided to put them in a separate blog.

I rabbit on about a lot of things in this blog. Guarenteed though, there'll be something in every post about my creative pursuits of writing and photography. I will add a few thoughts about sport, though more from a player's perspective rather than a spectator; say a few words about what I'm watching, listening to, or reading currently; offer some social commentary and/or a thought about some recent event; talk about my ongoing concerns with my 'mental elf'; and talk about life in general. Occasionally I'll put up a photo or even a poem, but I do more of that on my book of faces page.

The Dwarven One's Blood Bowl and Role-Playing blog, my gaming blog, is mostly dedicated to Blood Bowl. I have been playing the game since 1989, and have been posting match and tournament reports since 2005. I take notes on EVERY game that I play, be it a league match, a friendly, or a tournament fixture, and endeavor to post them all online. There is just so much that happens in a match - it's never just about a score and a casualty count. Occasionally, I'll add thoughts on PC and table-top games I've played recently as well, especially if it's the first time that I've played them. Currently, I'm involved in a role-playing group here on the coast, so that gets a mention, as well as my regular skirmishes in the ruined city of Mordheim.

I may not have a legion of fans, but my posts are regularly viewed and frequently read, if the blog stats of each post is anything to go by.

2 April, 2018