Here's a collection of various sites that interest me.

Blood Bowl

The NAF - The world body that coordinates and supports Blood Bowl tournaments big and small. It also stores results, and maintains rankings for thousands of players world-wide.

AusBowl - THE forum for Blood Bowl in Australia.

SLOBB League - Sydney League of Bloodbowlers, a BB league based in Sydney NSW that I've been part of for several years now.

The Blue Mountain Blood Bowl League (BMBBL) - A smaller league based in Sydney's west which contains divisions for players based around Penrith and another for those who play in and around the Sydney CBD.


Monument Australia - As the name suggests, it's a website that documents Australian memorials and monuments. I've submitted over thirty images to sites, mostly of monuments on the NSW Central Coast.


Feudball - This is my FB page for the Feudball project. For the book's old website, try here.

Feudball: Feudal Football & Feudball II: Super League - Where you can purchase the first two volumes of the Feudball series on Amazon Kindle.

Feudball: Feudal Football & Feudball II: Super League - Available in PDF format at Drive Thru Fiction.

You don't need my love - The first volume of my poetry and song lyrics.

Suppose I'll just sing the blues - Volume two of my poetry and song lyrics.

Cool evening breeze - Volume three of my poetry and song lyrics.

My Amazon author's page - This is my bio page at Amazon.

Poetry - This is my poetry page at, where a small collection of my pieces are on display.